We love making custom props for events!

Affordable Photo Booths and Event Videography

We love making custom props for events!

making props for photo booths

We are providing a photo booth for the Alzheimer’s Association at the Lake Expo. We are helping them promote the Lake of the Ozarks Walk to End Alzheimer’s.  We have tons of props we normally bring to photos booths like these musical inflatables (affiliate link) we got on Amazon.

We love to try our best to fit props to an event’s theme and sometimes that means making our own props. We have a number of tools we use to make props including a Glowforge laser that can make 11″x19″ wooden props like this in one pass:

There are a ton of creative prop ideas out there to print but printed props lack strength to hold up for an entire event much less be reusable at multiple events. We have found that we can print props, glue them to foam and use a foam knife to cut them out and that makes them much more stable and reusable.



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