New Website Started

Affordable Photo Booths and Event Videography

New Website Started

Our old website hard crashed and is now dead and gone but this has given me a great opportunity to rebuild.  In a lot of ways, I think this marks the beginning of the third chapter of our company’s story.

I originally started Jazzy Kat Productions, LLC with my wife after she joked that we had enough equipment to start a photo booth company.  The truth was that we did and JKP has been a great source of fun for our family as it provided a little extra income that allowed us to buy even more things to help us be creative like our laser cutter that we use for Jazzy Kat Creations.

Up until now, JKP has always just been a fun side business.  I haven’t really tried to push it or market it all that hard but within the last year, we really hit an organically high level of business to the point I had to start turning away jobs because I didn’t have time for it and my actual day job.  The work I do with JKP really brings me a lot of joy and so I hope to be doing a lot more photo booths and wedding videos in the near future!


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