Affordable Photo Booths and Event Videography

Since 2014, we have specialized in offering a variety of creative services to events across Missouri. We are dedicated to providing high quality and affordable creative services.

Photo Booths

By far, photo booths are our most popular service.  There are a lot of photo booth companies out there but we try to keep our offering unique and affordable.  Unlike many photo booth companies, we don’t just send an attendant to help with setup and take down, we send a photographer to make sure all your guests photos turn out great! We also provide you with all the photos from your event on a flash drive.  Our photo booths have been featured at non-profit fundraisers, school events, corporate parties, wedding receptions and even store events.  The prints that come from our booth ensure your guests will remember you and your event for years to come!

Event Videography

Event videos don’t have to be costly items that you have to wait weeks to have produced and returned to you after your event.  With our event videography service, we will film your event from up to four different angles.  We create a composite video that switches between the different camera angles as your event is happening.  We can even live stream your event (dedicated high speed internet is required) using our technology so guests who can’t be there in person can see your special event from the perfect angle each moment as its happening.  Once your event is done, we’ll give you a copy of our composite video which is ready to share on the social media of your choice.

360 Degree Video and Virtual Tours

For clients that are interested in highlighting a specific location, we are excited to offer a 360 Degree Virtual Tour service.  We use our special 360 degree camera to take photos that our high-end software turns into interactive html5 tours that you can embed on your website.  Check out a 360 tour we made for the Bunker Hill Retreat near Mountain View, MO.  Let us know if you are interested in this service and we would be happy to discuss pricing once we know the scope of your project.

Jazzy Kat Creations

Jazzy Kat Creations is a daddy/daughter part of our company that focuses on Jazz’s gift and jewelry designs.  Jazz comes up with a design that she works with her dad Joe to make laser ready.  The two build pieces together that they offer through Jazzy Kat Creations.  Be sure to check out their site for a catalog of cool things they have made together!