About JKP

Back in 2014, my wife Kat said to me that we had enough equipment to start a photo booth company. She was joking but it got me thinking. She was totally right. Since then, we’ve done dozens of events each year and helped create countless memories that people treasure in the form of the prints they got from our open photo booth.  At every step of the way, this has been a family business.

In 2016, Kat started to get ill so our young daughter Jazz would come to events with me to help out. She quickly became an expert at running the photo booth by herself.

In December of 2017, Kat passed away after a long health battle. I personally didn’t know if I had wanted to keep doing the business without Kat but Jazz pointed out that we could honor her mother’s memory by continuing to build the company she started. When you hire us, that is the kind of dedication and attention that you can expect at your event.

  • Jazz and Kat (2014)